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      RF Connectivity Solutions and More

      Pioneering connectivity concepts have propelled Sunway Communication into a global leader. With a broad range of products covering most of the transmit and receive chains, we understand the system impact of each critical component we supply. Our global customer base across multiple industries has made us experts in products for virtually any system: Bluetooth, WiFi, GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou, etc.), NFC, and of course the various cellular standards like 4G LTE and 5G with MIMO incl. related mm-wave components. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is another technology where Sunway is taking a leading role. We have partnered with NXP Semiconductors and created UWB solutions, both off-the-shelf modules, tags and antennas as well as the capability to customize antennas and other solutions to customers worldwide.



      CPE Antenna

      CPE antenna can be used to convert 4G/5G mobile communication signal into WIFI signal for wireless home coverage.

      ? Features: 4G, 5G, WIFI

      ? Antenna connectors: customizable

      ? Antenna type: LDS, FPC, LCP, PCB, etc.

      ? Size: customizable.

      ? Environmental Requirements: meet different customer environmental requirements.




      Support all 4G and 5G antenna customization, support 4x4 MIMO and more MIMO requirements;

      Support for WIFI 6 and WIFI MIMO multi-antenna customization;



      Product and Supply Features:

      Flexible antenna design can better adapt to the customer environment;

      LDS, FPC, LCP, PCB and other implementation processes to meet customer personalized needs;

      Support the design of smart antenna and array antenna;

      Note: Please contact us for details, we can support one-stop solutions.

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