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    1. ABOUT US

      Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

      Sunway Expands in Europe


      Stockholm, Sweden — (February 19, 2021) — Sunway Communication, the global leading RF connectivity one-stop solution provider, announces today's opening of its new establishment in Bettlach in Solothurn region, Switzerland. The new branch is part of Sunway Communication Europe, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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      The two locations in Sweden and Switzerland serve the European market and bring research, design and project support to European customers. The innovative products and solutions of Sunway Communication are well established in thousands of consumer, automotive, and industrial applications by global blue chip customers. They include antennas, EMI/EMC precision metals, wireless charging, 3D-MID, metal injection molding, and much more. The Swiss office brings, in particular, decades of technology expertise in the area of 3D-MID, a technology family used for metallization to create electronic circuits on polymers.

      “We are happy and fortunate to welcome the team in Switzerland to Sunway Communication. These skilled talents will further our 3D-MID technology research and development”, said Robert Berg, Vice President Europe. For years, Sunway Communication has developed several such solutions, often verified in the antenna measurement chamber in Stockholm. The addition of the Swiss team further bolsters this capability.

      “We are excited to be a part of Sunway Communication, which is arguably the largest and most experienced global supplier of 3D-MID products and already servicing customers across virtually all industries worldwide”, said Nouhad Bachnak, manager of the Swiss Branch. Mr Bachnak is a pioneer and leading expert in 3D-MID technology with application experience from automotive, medical, consumer and other industries. The additional depth in technology offering of Sunway Communication now further adds to the relevance it will have to its customers.


      About Sunway Communication


      Sunway Communication is a world leading provider of RF connectivity related and other performance-critical components and modules. The company involves in all stages of the product value chain: research, development, sales and manufacturing. The parent company, Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd, was established on April 27, 2006 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2010 (stock code: 300136). Products developed by Sunway include antennas, wireless charging modules, EMC/EMI solutions, cables, transmission lines and connectors, RF front-end components, and audio/RF modules, which are manufactured using precision metals, 3-D MID, molding, complex assembly and many other key processes.

      For additional information or the name of your nearest representative:


      Sunway Communication Group

      Phone      +86 - 755 - 81773388

      Fax           +86 - 755 - 81773335

      Website   www.sz-sunway.com

      E-mail      marketing@sz-sunway.com


      For direct contact with Sunway Communication Europe:


      Sunway Communication AB

      E-mail      europe@sz-sunway.com


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